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B4UIndia is an Indian hosting company founded in 2005. With our best SSD turbo hosting servers, you’ll get 20x faster hosting and cloud Linux platform to speed up website loading time. We deliver robust and exceptional features at the cheapest price possible.

The prices of B4UIndia web hosting plans are very low and competitive compared to other web hosting companies in India. Our primary goal is to provide the best web hosting services in India.

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Best Web Hosting for Small Business in India

Identify the purpose of your website, and figure out which kind of web hosting is better suited to that purpose. Generally, shared web hosting for small business or personal sites should be adequate to cover all databases. If it’s for a large to medium-sized website, it’s best not to get cheap – go for something that gives you more resources like VPS hosting.

B4UIndia provides an inexpensive premium hosting service. Start enjoying the cheapest, most secure web hosting service today without a big price tag. No matter how large your company is, you get help from B4UIndia that goes way beyond the ordinary.

Best Network Uptime

Our high-tech systems and constant monitoring are specially designed to keep your website running smoothly. That's why we are able to provide 99.9% uptime guarantee to all our clients.

One Click Quick Application Installer

Our web hosting plans comes with one-click script installations for over 300 popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, SitePad Website Builder, and more.

24x7 Technical Support

Our professional and expert support team is ready to help 24x7. This means they can quickly and accurately diagnose any problem on your website.

Shared Hosting – Best Web Hosting for Business

Shared hosting means that several different websites are all hosted on the same server, with a certain amount of storage space and a certain amount of resources allocated to each user. Often this is the best choice for hobbyists and bloggers.

In addition, any of the clients may not know who or what website they share with a resource or server. Each individual user would have restricted access to the server, which depends on the hosting package they have purchased. Shared hosting is one of the cheapest hosting sites, followed by many developers or website operators, and is also known as the best hosting for small businesses.

Right from our servers, data centers, networks to customer service, we haven’t left any corners. Our mission is clear-to provide the best possible server and infrastructure service anywhere in the world. Real people: when you come to us with your hosting related problems, you can connect with our friendly and highly trained consultants.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost You?

The cost of web hosting depends on the hosting needs and the cost you choose to pay. Usually, almost all good hosting plans are available at a lower monthly cost. However, consider introductory pricing deals offered by companies to start your web hosting. It is also essential to find plans and web hosting services on a budget basis. When looking for the best web hosting company on your website, you should know what the specifications of your website are and who can make all the functionality you need easier.

How Can I Create My Own Website?

With our built-in site builder app, you can go online in no time. Only pick a template, drag and drop your files, and there you go! We ensure that you have a wealth of expertise when hosting your websites on our server. Our experts are available 24/7/365 to solve your technical problems anytime you need any technical assistance. Although we're sure you're going to enjoy our web hosting services, we know that sometimes you can't determine the calibre before you try it out.

Does B4UIndia Have Limitless Web Hosting Services?

B4UIndia offers unrestricted storage space and web bandwidth while charging a cup of coffee. Avoid losing your future customers or website users, go unrestricted and keep up with any traffic you receive! We have the cheapest unlimited web hosting with high-speed servers that will speed up your website or e-commerce shop, which is crucial to your seo & rankings.

B4UIndia includes an easy-to-use control panel, as well as 24/7 monitoring and automatic backups. Although other hosting companies have restricting bandwidth, B4UIndia provides unlimited bandwidth with almost every hosting plan.

Do You Provide A Free SSL With Web Hosting Service?

Yes, we offer a free SSL certificate along with our unlimited and premium packages. Yeah, we give our customers free SSL, a functionality that is easy to introduce but not yet achieved by most web hosts. Our NVME SSD combined with our turbo servers make them a force to be reckoned with, and our optimized program provides a breeze to set up.

We are very proud and assured that the web hosting services offered by us in India are more reliable than other providers. You can buy servers with a lot of security trust. We guarantee you that your website will be safe and secure from all types of harmful risks.

Why Should You Buy Web Hosting From B4UIndia?

When the website is down, this is a potentially wasted opportunity to connect to a customer (or potential customer). That's why we're giving a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And if we don't keep the pledge, you will be entitled to receive a discount on your monthly hosting purchase during that time.

Also, with our web hosting plans, we offer pure SSD storage. Get fast websites blazing by hosting your site on our servers that are powered by SSD drives. SSD increases the load speed of up to 20x pages relative to the speed of rotating drives.

What's The Difference Between Windows Hosting And Linux Hosting?

One major difference is that Windows works perfectly fine without any software and programs of its own and so it relies on the presence of programs such as Windows hosting services and software packages that make things easier for the owner. Linux however cannot work like this. It is an open source operating system that works best when it is used with software packages of its own which provide its users with a number of tools and utilities that they need in order to effectively host their websites.

Another difference is that while Linux works very well under Windows, it is actually not recommended that Linux users use Windows under any circumstances. Many people who use windows find that they actually do better under the supervision of a reliable hosting provider rather than an ordinary hosting provider and so for them Windows hosting and Linux hosting service is a good option.

Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

Rather than leaving us entirely responsible for running your hosting service or taking full care of yourself, our controlled VPS hosting plans take away part of your burden, leaving complicated and time-consuming server management to us. If you're just starting your journey to the online world with your first website, our experienced and professional team is here to support you through the entire process.

Vps hosting offers a functionality that helps us to evaluate and scale the server as there is no restriction on accessing physical servers. One of the reasons many people choose VPS hosting is that it gives them the privacy they need. They don't need to be concerned about their information being stolen because the hosting service is set up to safeguard it.

Cheap Web Hosting Solutions For All Your Needs

Our web hosting plans include ultra-fast website features, top-notch security, managed WordPress, simple site management, domain management and reliable email service along with 24x7 expert support.

We include the functionality of database backup or restore direct database access and dns management for web hosting. Our plans come with a php and mysql database and each of our web hosting plans includes email, ftp, and sub-domains that we also have 24/7 technical support.

We will help you create your first website, or we will be able to provide services to your current pages. With B4UIndia, you're going to get the ultimate speed and unlimited resources.

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How to Pick the Right Type of Website Hosting in India

In order to understand what type of hosting services can be offered by a particular company, it is very necessary to study the website of such companies and find out whether they have got the required amount of technical knowledge and experience. The other important thing to consider while looking for the right kind of hosting is to look for the credibility of the host along with the reputation of the company.

It is very important to consider the past records of the hosting company before choosing them as the customer-support systems and after sales services are also very important and this is why one must check out the reviews of the hosting company before choosing them as the web host. These reviews are usually updated frequently and one can also make use of the internet to search out the best hosting services in India.

Apart from the various hosting companies that you will come across on the internet, you will also find that there are numerous other companies that will provide hosting services to you. These companies will be more than happy to help you out when it comes to hosting your website on their servers. You should however, make sure that you have the necessary technical expertise so that you can deal with the technical aspect of hosting your website. If you are unable to handle this aspect, then you should probably consider approaching a professional like us in this area who will be able to guide you through the entire process and thus, ensure that you get the best hosting services at the best prices.

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